Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Neflac wednesday

Hello everybody.

We are Elodie and Nina, and we'll write your blog today.

We began our day with yoga. This was very difficult, because we had to be very flexibel and we're NOT! After the yoga the yippers had great lessons with amazing Emily Beynon. We all had a great warming up and theme lesson. Here we had a lot of fun and learned much. Every day we have lessons, master classes, warming ups and theme lessons. But today was different. We spent much time with the ensembles and flute orchestra. The music we play is very nice, but we won't tell much about the music, because it's our secret for the concert. After the flute orchestra we all needed a rest, so we had diner. The diner was very nice and tasted good.

This evening we had workshop dalcroze. This is about rytm with space and movements. We had a lot of excersices and also much fun. We all laugh together and enjoyed our evening. Now it's 21:53 and we are all tired, so we are going to sleep early.

I hope you enjoyed our blog and sleep well!

Bye!! Kisses from Elodie and Nina

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