Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday August 10th

We have made it past the halfway mark of Neflac 2017, and this morning saw a few droopy eyelids and heavy feet enter the dining hall for breakfast. However, we are all still ready for a jam-packed day! We began as normal with our 8.30am warm up session in the woods, which today involved three tiny juggling balls, some virtual swimming and a giant human wave.

The mornings normally mean different things for each of us individually - today some of us had a class on Alexander technique with Maaike Aarts. We focused on body awareness with the help of relaxing exercises, such as laying on the ground and resting our heads on a pile of books. For some of us it was hard not to fall asleep! We learned a lot, which we can transfer in our future flute playing.

In the afternoon after masterclasses and rehearsals separately, the NTKers and YIPers came together for flute orchestra! As we are getting closer and closer to our final concerts all of the pieces are coming together and we are really looking forward to performing on the weekend.
During the rehearsal our minds were all on one thing... the smell drifting through the window from the BBQ just outside! As we all had a free evening together, we enjoyed a delicious BBQ and were lucky enough to take a beautiful walk through the national park while the weather cleared up.

After our relaxing evening we are feeling ready to tackle tomorrow, but for now it's time to get some sleep!

Guido, FiriĆ«l, Sarah and Kyla

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