Sunday, August 13, 2017

Great concert!!!

Hello readers!
How are you? Today we had the concert and rehearsal in the church. We had breakfast and walked to the church in de Steeg. We had to walk with umbrellas because it was raining a lot!!! When we arrived the curch wasn't open yet. So we had to walk back to Rhederoord and we had our warming-up there. We played a few flute games. You start with the tone the person before you played and Wieke invited us to invent  an other sound.
After this we walked back to the church with all our heavy stuff, the rain and the cold weather.
We could finally start our rehearsal. We had to walk on and off stage a lot of times. Unfortunately we didn't break the record to go on stage in fourteen seconds. We had a nice try but we needed fifteen. We heard for the first time Mekhitar and Emily playing together Garun by Komitas and Aria by O. Taktakishvili.
We went to park Sonsbeek but it was raining cats and dogs! So Suzanne decided to cancel the concert. We did an informal concert in the Koetshuis. We played our ensembles. We are impressed by the quartet flute of Yip named Rocking Quartet. They had a great show!
We went back to Rhederoord and we had to go secretly to our rooms because their was a wedding downstairs.
At the end of the day we had our first concert in the church.
All the ensembles played and also three solos by Robin, Imogen and Diana. It was a great concert and we had a lot of fun!
We look forward to our next concert tomorrow in Concertgebouw!

Gabrielle wrote an extra piece, so here it is...
For today we had two concerts planned: one in Park Sonsbeek and one in De Boecop church.
When we walked to the church this morning for our general rehearsal we discovered that the church wasn’t open yet. So back we went for some warming up at Rhederoord. After that we went back to the church again for the general rehearsal. We practised getting on and off the stage in the right order in as little time as possible, the record was 15 sec!
Then a group of lovely people drove us to the park for the concert at Sonsbeek. While we were driving the rain started pouring down. So after arriving at Sonsbeek we had to make the tough decision of cancelling the concert. Instead we played at Het Koetshuis. We had a great time playing in our ensembles, we even had an ensemble of a YIP'er and het two NTK buddies!
After filling ourselves with dinner and lots of desserts we walked to the curch again for the concert at De Boecop. Playing at the church was great! The composer of a piece we played called A Little Italian Ouverture was there to listen!

Overall we think this was a great day and we’re looking foreward to the concert at Het Concertgebouw tomorrow!

Silvana, Gabrielle and Jade

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