Monday, August 7, 2017

Eventful Monday

What an eventful day it has been! From early morning walks to making whale sounds on the flute, Neflac is already proving to be an exciting experience.

After warm-ups in the woods it was a busy morning for everyone with individual lessons, rehearsals with Andrew and a session focussing on intonation. This was a great way to prepare for the busy day ahead!

The afternoon involved masterclasses with Emily, and a session on extended techniques with Gareth McLearnon. In the masterclasses we learnt (amongst many other things!) a lot about posture, how to use vibrato and the importance of being relaxed whilst breathing.
Gareth's class was both insightful and inspiring, finishing with an impromptu performance of Ian Clarke's famous 'Zoom Tube' - not only was it very useful to find out all about the modern extended techiniques, he also showed us how we could use them in everyday flute practice to improve all other aspects of our flute playing. (Some NTKs actually compared his appearance to Ryan Reynolds.....)

But there was STILL MORE TO COME!!!
After dinner we all gathered together for flute orchestra!! We had a complete variety of flutes in the mix, even including two contrabass flutes! With Gareth and Jeroen conducting, together we played through the repertoire for the concerts later on in the week. Already it sounds like it will be a weekend full of great music!!

WOW we are all exhausted after our first full day! What will tomorrow have in store...

Cressida, Imogen, Fennie and Nina

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