Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sunday August 13...final concert!

Sunday morning we could get up a little later. After breakfast Emily, Suzanne, Wieke en Jeroen made sure everyone was on the huge bus with all their stuff. At 10:30 we arrived at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It felt super professional to enter through 'the artists entrance' (omg!). We went to the 'Kleine Zaal' to practise all our positions, going off and on stage, etc.
But first we watched a great video Suzanne made. We looked back to the great week we just had.

After the video (We had a lot of fun seeing ourselves doing the activities during the workshops) we practised how to get on the stage. It wasn't the nicest activity this week but it had to be done, especially how we sqeezed the whole group on the small stairs.
Then we had lunch in a sort of place only accessable for the artists. And the concert started after we tuned the flutes.
The concert was great. 

A very special concert hall that made us feel very close to our public. Everything was as planned and we could enjoy the whole concert playing and listening to our colleagues. 
From flute orchestra to solo flute, the public could enjoy flute and piano duos as well as piano "quatre mains" from our two piano soloists, Andrew West and Mekhitar Ghazaryan. 
Special guest in the public, the composer of the Little Italian Overture, W.Stolarczyk came all the way from Denmark to share with us the world premiere of his piece! 

The concert ended up with a touching standing ovation, which made us feel very fortunate of living a very special moment. This applause was directly from all of us to the unique team that made possible this week, our beloved Emily Beynon, Suzanne Wolff, Wieke Karsten and Jeroen Bron and for  the continuation of what nowadays we feel very lucky to have been part of. NEFLAC, Thank you!
Diana, Titia, Ilaya

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