Sunday, August 6, 2017

Neflac 2017: day one!

Hello and welcome to the neflac 2017 blog!

We all arrived this morning to sunny Rhederoord, where we were greeted by Emily, Wieke and Jeroen. After an initial welcome meeting we all got to know each other quickly through playing Wieke's excellent ice-breakers. Each person has been given a buddy from the corresponding group, which means that not only do the two groups have a better chance of mixing, but we also each have someone to look out for us. And for the YIPers, someone to help improve their Dutch! After a break for lunch, the fabulous (and incredibly entertaining) Roberta Alexander gave us a masterclass in performance practice. This certainly came in handy when we all later had to perform in front of each other - we were all much more confident when it came to giving our audience a quick introduction to our chosen repertoire.

We're all now looking forward to get to know each other even more in what looks to be a jam-packed week with a good deal of learning. Let's hope the good weather continues!

Ellie, Bianca, Juliette and Gudrun

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