Saturday, August 12, 2017

greet & meet Mekhitar

Today was the last day of lessons for both NTKS and YIPers.
We began the day with chi-kung, which was really inspiring and quite energizing near all the big trees.
Some of us had still lessons, or masterclasses, or a technical clinic - your kind of flute appointment with teacher - and a masterclass on orchestral auditions. The YIPers learned quite a few tricks from Emily to deal with stress, but it's a secret (contains swear words so shhhh)
Then, after a well-deserved dinner and the last flute orchestra rehearsal, we met  Mekhitar Ghazaryan the Armenian pianist we were dying to meet. Andrew did quite the show at the interview, we had very much fun.
Everyone seems excited about the concerts, we hope to see everyone from our readers there !
Sarah, Janneke, Nina

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